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Bike for Life! July 13, 2010

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Welcome to GeezerWheels! If you’re reading this after a visit to the California State Fair, thanks for dropping in to give GeezerWheels a look.  This blog is nothing more than one guy’s reflections on getting on a bike and enjoying time in motion, along with the wonders the American River brings to the life hugging its banks and living in its waters.american river at william pond parkRecent posts here have been photography centered (except for the immediately previous post, thankfully) thanks to the fair, but earlier posts have been been mostly about conditioning and encounters with life on a bike.  Should you have thoughts to add consequent to your own quest to bring bike-pleasure into your life, please join in.

Don’t miss the other resources in the margins of this blog, such as links to great bikes and great bike shops.  Your gear can be as important as your mindset, and it will pay huge dividends to pay close attention to both.


Eppie’s Great Race July 22, 2007

Posted by Bill in Conditioning, Events.
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For the last 34 years, Eppie Johnson of Sacramento restaurant fame has hosted Eppie’s Great Race, primarily as a promotional gimmick to publicize his business, but in recent years as simply a matter of pride and tradition. It has become a significant fund raiser for Sacramento County Therapeutic Recreation Services, so it feels pretty good to part with the dough it takes to join in the fun of a great Sacramento institution.

Being a part of this event was incredibly good for the three people you see pictured below, Team Valley Oak. This was the first “race” for all of us, and the preparation for the event was perhaps more fun and inspiring than the race itself. Team Valley Oak is comprised of Bill, Lisa and Robb, all educators in Davis.



Despite the kamikaze canoe and mid-rapid collision and dunking, dumping Robb in the American River and costing Team Valley Oak a couple hundred places in the finish, it was an incredibly satisfying day, culminating months of preparation and conditioning for the team.robb_eppies

Also part of the team was our all-important support team, pictured below. In an event with insufficient parking for some two thousand competitors, drivers and support become vital for an event that really works. Gillian, Leo & Karen made  it all happen in a way that kept it fun and manageable.

Team Valley Oak

I’ve listed this in the conditioning category, as having a goal for performance is key to the fun and evidence of a payoff for getting into shape. Some intellectually-contrived goal of “being in shape” and “living longer” is rarely enough to get us moving. But having a race to run… now there’s a goal you can taste.All of Team Valley Oak

Regardless of all, this race was a blast. These people look happy for a reason.