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Like riding a bicycle February 18, 2012

Posted by Bill in Equipment, Reflection.

After a too long hiatus, the freakishly excellent weather of February got me back onto the trail, and it hasn’t disappointed.

Usually the weather is too wet to enjoy the migratory birds this time of year, but they’re here in huge numbers. Mergansers, shore birds of all kinds, pre-nesting GB herons, the works.

And maybe it’s the luck of the day and this particular crowd, but I’m seeing an interesting flip in the bike equipment sociology/gearology. Lots of (very) gray heads on excellent road gear; an unusually high percentage. Conversely, lots of 40-somethings on their teenagers’ abandoned grunge bikes. You can tell. This is the opposite condition from when I started this blog.

My explanation for this is based on nothing scientific other than the fact that the late-boomer surge is now entering that time of life in which our bodies are dissolving out of neglect, and we have more resources to take care of ourselves than our x-gen counterparts who have been hit hardest by the recession.

At any rate, there’s nothing like a bike to keep this body alive, and it feels no less good after too many weeks away. The deer and squirrels may not be so thrilled with us, but they can share.




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