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Sorry you missed this one, Kym October 31, 2010

Posted by Bill in Reflection.

fall colors on the parkwayAside from ghouls on horseback and the occasional two-wheeled fairy, you wouldn’t have known this glorious fall day was Halloween.  Perfection on the parkway: crisp air, newly rain-scrubbed asphalt, smiles on bicyclists (hokey, but true).  Even the squirrels were behaving, perhaps too busy collecting tree nuts to bother playing grab-ass on the pavement.

A dear friend took her life on October 2 this year, a sudden, middle-aged response to childhood sexual abuse.  Life-long pain does awful things to people, and the toll extends far beyond the reaches of the abuser.  Kym was married to another dear friend and colleague of mine, and their lives were full of love and family.  Kym was a social worker for CPS, passionate about the protection of children.  A motorcyclist and geocacher, she cherished being outdoors on days like this one.  She would have loved today.

I set out on my Halloween ride intending to pull together some writing I owe some folks, to let my mind craft what needs to be said as I rode.  Instead, I could only take in the glorious day that Kym would not be.  I thought about the ripples of sadness caused by her early death, her struggles with her demons, demons that would not be silenced by the love of family and friends.

There is a peace that accompanies fall that leads me to favor this season above all others.  For leaves and most bugs there is the peace that accompanies death, for the rest of life there is a gathering in of energy and a renewed appreciation for just how fragile we are on this planet as the air turns colder.  Kym has found the peace that alluded her for a lifetime, taken from her by a criminal who no doubt suffers as well.

Sorry you missed today, Kym.  It was gorgeous, and so were you.



1. Sar - November 1, 2010

Thanks Bill. I love you

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